Elsewhere the play, performed by you

A: Do you know what Andy Warhol said?

B: Art is whatever you can get away with. 

Elsewhere the play, performed by you is an original piece of autotheatre developed in residency at Elsewhere in early 2012. Two participants are invited to perform at a time.

Each participant receives an iPod and a vest from Elsewhere’s collection. When they hit play (simultaneously) they hear prompts to move through the space, have a dialogue, perform actions, and to listen. They are the only performers of Elsewhere the play, and also the only audience members.




Elsewhere the play engages participants by playfully prompting them to perform bits of Elsewhere’s history and to have a conversation about the theories that inform Elsewhere’s organizational structure. It aims for a praxis point between an objective, fact-based history, and a subjective, personal experience of the museum.

Very special thanks to Nikolas Perez, Graham Holt, Aislinn Pentecost-Farren, Walker Tufts, Brennan Broome, Jen Martin, George Scheer, Stephanie Sherman, and all Elsewherians.