Fuck Woman School #3: The Name of the Piece is Talking Heads

The third installation of Fuck Woman School was an experiment in creating multiple simultaneous viewpoints onstage. I was also trying to challenge my own habitual tendencies in the way I make work, by having a ‘performance’ with no performer. The audience had to be physically engaged and mobile to explore the piece.

The piece was a multi-channel site-specific video installation for which I wrote three texts in verse on theatre’s function and contemporary theatre’s relationship to classical or pre-‘classical’ plays, each written from a totally different perspectives.

Two computers and one projector showed footage of me speaking these texts directly to the camera; each screen had its own text and sound through speakers. Each of these texts could only be heard clearly if one approached the screen and speaker, so only one text could be heard at a time.

Every so often, a word or phrase (‘Moliere himself clearly stated’, ‘Cirque du Soleil’, ‘community’, ‘pleasure’, etc.) would be spoken simultaneously and in unison across the three texts.

The piece ended with a coda in unison and the text echoed on the screens.