Fuck Woman School #4: Ghost in the Machine

The fourth and final installation of Fuck Woman School focuses on the presence of the artist as adapter.

The movement sequence in the projections was co-choreographed by Eric Powell Holm (who adapted Woman School) and myself, set to the music that I listened to backstage before every performance of Woman School (Wings’ “Silly Love Songs”). Eric is visible in some of the shots, as the layers of the video document the collaborative nature of the short evolution of the movement sequence.

The movement I performed live was my trajectory through Woman School, strung together into a single path.

The sound is by Joshua Dumas; the text is adapted from a transcribed interview between Eric and myself regarding the role of the artist as adapter and a contemporary relationship to classical drama.

Fuck Woman School #4: Ghost in the Machine performed at Strawdog Theater on November 9th, 2011.
Special thanks to Eric Powell Holm, Joshua Dumas, Katy Collins, Anne Bogart, and Michel Gondry.

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