GRANDMA was founded by Kate McGee, Peter Mills Weiss, and Tim Platt; in 2013 I joined as the fourth member (Julia Mounsey made five in 2015). Creating surreal and meticulous performance works drawing from the vocabulary of stand-up comedy, multi-level marketing schemes, TED talks, and ‘The Moth’-style storytelling, GRANDMA explored questions of family, friendship, identity, masculinity, and culture in the post-internet age.

Our work was developed and performed at Cloud City, Incubator Arts Project, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, CATCH performance series, PS122’s COIL Festival, Ars Nova’s ANT Fest, The Invisible Dog, Silent Barn, and LaMaMa ETC.

SATURDAY (2013) @ Incubator Arts Project

MAKE PEOPLE (pt 1) (2014) @ Ars Nova

MAKE PEOPLE (pts 1 & 2) (2015) @ LaMaMa ETC