In Conversation with Adam Curtis, Part I | e-flux

In Conversation with Adam Curtis, Part I | e-flux.



I first read the name Adam Curtis in an article about Punchdrunk Theatre. Punchdrunk is the British company responsible for one of the most buzzed-about shows in NYC in the last several years–Sleep No More. No, I haven’t seen it (yet). Yes, I am jealous that you saw it. In case you’ve never heard of it, Sleep No More is–OK, just go read the New York Times review.

Anyway, Punchdrunk is on the front line of promenade/interactive/mobile theatre-making. And one of the pieces they’ve made since Sleep No More, It Felt Like a Kiss, was made in collaboration with the “experimental documentary filmmaker” Adam Curtis. “Experimental documentary filmmaker”–ooh, aah. I filed it, and him, away in my mind.

And then today, months later,  I came upon this interview with Curtis conducted by the omnipresent curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. OK, that’s it. Hope you enjoy.