National Psychogeographic

“Turn so that the wind is at your back. When you reach the blue building, call me again.”

A highly subjective urban journey, directed by phone.


Participants begin in a gallery space by calling the National Psychogeographic Hotline, which guides them through a meditative centering exercise inside the gallery before inviting them to hang up, walk outside, get onto their bike, go to the end of the block, and then call the hotline back. With each new call, the hotline delivers new directions for the biker, some of which are concrete (‘take the third right’), some of which are more open (‘go whichever direction reminds you most of your childhood home’). Each journey is unique, and designed to provide an unexpected series of encounters with the environment. At the end of the journey, participants are given a pad of paper and a pen with which to sketch a map of their trip. These maps were displayed in the gallery of origin.

Commissioned by RECESS Gallery, Portland, OR, in 2012.

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