Social Media Consulting

Through my experience administrating and producing a spectrum of interdisciplinary events at 1419, called by the Twin Cities Daily Planet in early 2011 “Minneapolis’ hottest DIY arts space,” as well as through self-produced work elsewhere, including an independent, grassroots, national theatre tour, I’ve been exposed to a nice chunk of the field in terms of grassroots, DIY fundraising and marketing of events and projects. I have lots of thoughts about said field.

I believe that social media (mostly, but not always enabled by the internet) can be a medium for audiences to exercise agency in the creation and development of work, not just a way for artists and organizations to ‘spread the word’ or raise money.

If you’re interested in having a conversation about how your project or event could benefit from a social media marketing/engagement strategy, shoot me an email at I’m really excited about this emergent opportunity in the field, and I’ll almost certainly be happy to talk to you for free and at length about how by working with local artists across disciplines and leveraging existing platforms like Kickstarter, Facebook, and Twitter you can open up access points for audiences and supporters to engage with your work.

Kickstarter campaign for The Wild Plan (