Dream I Tell You

Dream I Tell You

Dream I Tell You is a trance-theatre performance conceived by Ben Gansky that performed July 26th-August 4th  (Friday-Sunday) at Cloud City in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Inspired by hallucinatory experiences in Oaxaca, Mexico and Prague, Gansky  adapted the performance’s text from dream journals recorded by varied sources including the writers Georges Perec and Helene Cixous, the Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, and the late novels of Brazilian visionary Clarice Lispector.


Flickering through dream-narratives, Dream I Tell You explores and explodes archetypes of the unconscious in a psychedelic tone-poem. Audience members are offered milk and cookies at the bar before entering an immersive set and sound-scape. Images from dreams collide and bleed into each other, coalescing into dances and tableaus. Designed to create an experience of disorientation and hypnosis, Dream I Tell You is a trip.

Directed, conceived, designed, written, and produced Ben Gansky

Costume design Josh Allen

Live score composed and performed Andrew Lynch

Performed Josh Allen, Ernest Bentley, John Egan, Haley Houck, Katie Melby