MAKE PEOPLE (parts 1 & 2)

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It’s a show about doing you. And our need to consume, acquire, and destroy. There are also some fun surprises, and fresh beats.


MAKE PEOPLE (parts 1 & 2) was presented by LaMaMa Experimental Theatre Club/s The Club October 23 through November 1st, 2015.

Previewed at Ars Nova’s ANT Fest in June 2015 and at CATCH performance series in October & December 2014 and at PS122’s COIL Festival in January 2015. Developed in part through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s 2014 – 2015 Workspace Program.

Created by GRANDMA. GRANDMA = Ben Gansky, Mike McGee, Julia Mounsey, Tim Platt, and Peter Mills Weiss.

Bob & Dave & Ren

By | Directing, Interactive

A jumble of aesthetic theory, participation, and Dirty Dancing. With a few surprises along the way. 


March 23 – 25, 2016 at Carnegie Mellon University’s Helen W. Rauh Studio Theater.

conceived, written, and directed by Ben Gansky


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Imagine a TED Conference scripted by Samuel Beckett tripping on mushrooms, performed by Reggie Watts. Now add soda. Relax!


SATURDAY was created by GRANDMA.

GRANDMA is Ben Gansky, Mike McGee, Peter Mills Weiss, and Tim Platt.

SATURDAY performed November 22-24, 2013 at Incubator Arts Project.

LBJ’s Greatest Hits

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LBJ’s Greatest Hits is the natural extension of one man’s real life obsession with the 36th President of the United States of America.


Written by Taylor Ricco with additional text from Peter Mills Weiss and Ben Gansky 

Directed by Ben Gansky
Performed by Taylor Riccio and Jessy Lynn
Sound Design by Peter Mills Weiss
Lighting Design by Taylor Riccio
Video and Set by Ben Gansky
LBJ’s Greatest Hits performed at Incubator Arts Project February 28 – March 2, 2014. 

Dream I Tell You

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Dream I Tell You

Dream I Tell You is a trance-theatre performance conceived by Ben Gansky that performed July 26th-August 4th  (Friday-Sunday) at Cloud City in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Inspired by hallucinatory experiences in Oaxaca, Mexico and Prague, Gansky  adapted the performance’s text from dream journals recorded by varied sources including the writers Georges Perec and Helene Cixous, the Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, and the late novels of Brazilian visionary Clarice Lispector.


Flickering through dream-narratives, Dream I Tell You explores and explodes archetypes of the unconscious in a psychedelic tone-poem. Audience members are offered milk and cookies at the bar before entering an immersive set and sound-scape. Images from dreams collide and bleed into each other, coalescing into dances and tableaus. Designed to create an experience of disorientation and hypnosis, Dream I Tell You is a trip.

Directed, conceived, designed, written, and produced Ben Gansky

Costume design Josh Allen

Live score composed and performed Andrew Lynch

Performed Josh Allen, Ernest Bentley, John Egan, Haley Houck, Katie Melby



Silent Film

By | Directing, Interactive

Silent Film is a three-part interactive live-scored film-cum-site-specific-dance conceived with Eric Powell Holm, Katie Melby, John Egan, and Ben Lewis. It performed at Cloud City in April 2013.

Silent Film

direction from Eric Powell Holm

interaction design, writing, film editing, scenic and lighting elements by Ben Gansky

performed by Katie Melby and John Egan

costume design by Josh Allen

story consulting from Ben Lewis

live score composed and performed by Owen Weaver

Rise and Fall

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Rise and Fall is an adaptation of Brecht/Weill/Hauptmann’s opera Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, with more blood, puke, weed, and beer.

It comes back around every so often to Cloud City. You should catch it when it does.

Direction Eric Powell Holm

Sound/lighting/set design Ben Gansky

Adaptation Ian Storey

Fuck Woman School

By | Directing

Fuck Woman School was a performance series based on Critique of The School for Wives by Moliere. It performed as a companion piece to Woman School, produced by Vintage Theater Collective in Chicago in October-November 2011.

Fuck Woman School used Moliere’s play as a point of departure to investigate and discuss theatre’s place in contemporary culture, specifically as regards adaptations of classical texts (such as The School for Wives, adapted by Eric Powell Holm into Woman School.)

The four parts of Fuck Woman School represent differing approaches to embodying critical thought in performance.

Fuck Woman School #1: Affect/Adaptation/Apology

Fuck Woman School #2: Function, Context, Structure, Macarena

Fuck Woman School #3: The Name of the Piece is Talking Heads

Fuck Woman School #4: Ghost in the Machine

Fuck Woman School was supported by the brains and brawn of Nicholas Marcouiller, Katy Collins, Eric Powell Holm, Ian Storey, Broc Blegen, Billy Mullaney, Sean McGill, Emily Wall, and Vintage Theater Collective et al.

It would have been impossible without 1419.


Misanthrope, Or the Impossible Lovers

By | Directing, Happened

Misanthrope, Or the Impossible Lovers performed as part of The Wild Plan’s national tour in August 2011.

Misanthrope, Or the Impossible Lovers, adapted by Eric Powell Holm from the play The Misanthrope by Moliere, was co-directed for The Wild Plan by Holm and Ben Gansky.