Fuck Woman School

Fuck Woman School was a performance series based on Critique of The School for Wives by Moliere. It performed as a companion piece to Woman School, produced by Vintage Theater Collective in Chicago in October-November 2011.

Fuck Woman School used Moliere’s play as a point of departure to investigate and discuss theatre’s place in contemporary culture, specifically as regards adaptations of classical texts (such as The School for Wives, adapted by Eric Powell Holm into Woman School.)

The four parts of Fuck Woman School represent differing approaches to embodying critical thought in performance.

Fuck Woman School #1: Affect/Adaptation/Apology

Fuck Woman School #2: Function, Context, Structure, Macarena

Fuck Woman School #3: The Name of the Piece is Talking Heads

Fuck Woman School #4: Ghost in the Machine

Fuck Woman School was supported by the brains and brawn of Nicholas Marcouiller, Katy Collins, Eric Powell Holm, Ian Storey, Broc Blegen, Billy Mullaney, Sean McGill, Emily Wall, and Vintage Theater Collective et al.

It would have been impossible without 1419.